Janashakthi Loan Guard

Taking a loan? Protect your loved ones from financial trouble should something happen to you.

Taking a loan to build your dream home or to purchase a car? Loans are a great way to fast track your way to seeing your dreams becoming reality, but what if something happens to you? Now you can protect your loved ones from financial trouble with Janashakthi Loan Guard. All you need to do is select the cover value to the outstanding loan amount and we will take care of your loan burdens!

Key Features of Product

  • Protect your personal assets for inheritance.
  • Tailor the policy to suit your financial needs You can choose the protection amount and how you will pay premium. You can choose to pay as a single premiumor on a regular basis such as monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually.
  • Borrow with peace of mind. Now your family will not be burdened by having to pay monthly loan payments in the event of your permanent disability or death.

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