Janashakthi Family Plus

Inbuilt inflation guard benefit of 10% every year, means your protection and maturity value will keep up with inflation throughout the term.

We know that your life means so much to your family. That’s why Janashakthi Family Plus is designed as a life insurance solution by which you can safeguard those of whom you love the dearest and not let them suffer financially in your absence. Janashakthi Family Plus offers you a life insurance cover that grows each year, with no additional premium!

Key Features of Product

  • Inflation adjusted life cover – you insurance cover will grow by 10% every year for no additional premium.
  • In the event of a Total & Permanent Disablement due to an Accident, Personal Accident Cover amount of the policy will be paid additionally.
  • A guaranteed bonus will be paid at the policy maturity.
  • Wide range of benefits to add and tailor-make your policy:
    • Additional Life Cover.
    • Personal Accident Cover.
    • Critical Illness Cover.
    • Hospital Cash Plan.
    • Family Income Benefit.

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