Janashakthi National Civilian Bravery Awards

Since 2015, Janashakthi has partnered with the Foundation of Civilian Bravery with the view of positioning the company as the ‘Guiding Light of Life’ within the community.

This partnership eventually led to the establishment of the ‘National Civilian Bravery Awards’ which recognized everyday Sri Lankans who had risked their lives to save another. The award didn’t merely celebrate individual bravery but recognized the award winners’ devotion to their community transcended the trappings of ethnicity, social status and/or religious beliefs – all traits that overlap with Janashakthi’s core values.

The increased visibility of the awards was a result of a strategic communications plan that generated massive awareness – the initiative was enthusiastically supported by key opinion leaders in media, government and industry – while ingraining the idea of selflessness as a noble, desirable and aspirational trait.

After receiving a record number of entries this year, the Civilian Bravery Awards recognized 13 people for their selflessness at the grand finale, which took place at Nelum Pokuna Theater, and was attended by representatives of the Sri Lankan Government and distinguished foreign dignitaries.

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