Life at Janashakthi

The word Janashakthi literally means ‘the strength of the people’ – in fact that is why our founder, Mr. C.T.A. Schaffter chose this as the name for his brainchild. At Janashakthi Life, we believe that our people is our strength – they are the lifeblood that keeps the Janashakthi spirit alive.

Janashakthi Life began with a family, over two decades ago, and that sense of family, belonging and togetherness still runs deep in our DNA. We believe in nurturing relationships, whether it be with our customers, partners, shareholders, or our employees. We know that our strengths lie in the diverse talents and personalities of our people, who truly are the spice of life at Janashakthi Life.

As in any family, today our Janashakthi family includes a melting pot of individuals. Some of us have been here from the inception of Janashakthi Life in 1994, and some of us have joined from across industries and areas of expertise. We believe that it is this mix of maturity with youth, industry veterans with functional experts, passion with skill, that truly sets us apart.

We believe that our salesforce is at the heart of our business, and we ensure that every member of the Janashakthi family works together to strengthen the salesforce to serve our valued customers, every day better than the day before.

Together, we stand on the shoulders of the giants that stood before us, growing from humble, local roots, to pursue one bold ambition of lighting up millions of lives with the warmth and protection of Life Insurance.

Welcome to the Janashakthi family!

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